Furnace Doors & Observation Ports

Bigelow-Liptak has a unique line of furnace observation ports and access doors which are normally incorporated into our new equipment, and are also available as standalone products for incorporation into existing  or new non Bigelow equipment.

Access Door

Two models are available:
Type “B” (18″ x 20″), and Type “L” (36″ x 60″). The Type “L” door can also be equipped with a standard 4 x 6-inch observation port.

Each door casing is made of heavy, heat-resistant cast iron, ribbed for strength, rigidity, and air-cooling. Type “B” has a strong, wheel-type lock.¬† Type “L” is secured with positive-action lugs.

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Observation Door

The Bigelow-Liptak Observation Door is ruggedly designed for heavy duty service. The husky, cast frame has a special rib design for strength and to help radiate heat. The ample opening, measuring 4×6 inches, is covered with blue, heat-resistant glass for safety and visibility.